Scalar Skin Scope VL-7EX

When used by beauty professionals, the Scalar VL-7EX video microscope enhances the client's understanding of the specific characteristics of their skin and identifies sun damage they may not be apparent to the naked eye. Effective treatment and services performed can be verified with before-and-after comparisons that are achieved by archiving video images to printers or VCRs atached to the instruments. Freeze-frame, Two-image replay, and Split-screen Views: With the VL-7EX video one or two images can be "frozen" and captured on the screen with the touch of a button. If two images are captured, they can be displayed on the screen in two different ways. One way is to display each image on the full screen and flip back and forth between the two. This allows for excellent comparative views of two images. The other way to display two images is with a split-screen feature that allows both captured images to appear next to each other on one screen at the same time. Physicians and estheticians distinguish themselves from their competition by providing superior services to their clients. The Scalar VL-7EX video microscope allows these professionals to more fully analyze and treat the variety of skin conditions encountered in their practices. The VL-7EX will further enhance client confidence in the recommended skin care regimens. The VL-7EX video microscope has the capacity to view both surface and sub-surface conditions when polarized lenses are used. Polarized lenses come in 30X and 50X powers. Compatibilty with Output Devices: The VL-7EX has a composite video signal that is compatible with all standard computer and video output devices, including printers, monitors, and Video Cassette Recorders.
Scalar Skin Scope VL-7EX
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