Medspa Front Desk Operations 3 DVD Set

Medspa Front Desk Operations:

Medspa Front Desk Operations:

The Aesthetic Client is Won or
Lost on the Front Line

What you Receive in this Home Study Course:

DVD 1: Front Desk Responsibilities (1 hr 10 min)
Overview of responsibilities, Front Desk as the "Window" to the practice, Working the register, Telephone skills, Appointment Scheduling, Accepting payments, Greeting Clients, Staff Uniforms, Body language, Eye contact, Call Tracking, Handling walk-ins, Leading the prospect to a consultation.   

DVD 2: Telephone Scripting (2 hrs 4 min)
The value of telephone scripting, Converting telephone calls into scheduled appointments, How to engage the caller, How to lead the caller into an appointment, Capturing key information over the phone

DVD 3: Opening and Closing Responsibilities ( 37 min)
Opening for the day, Check Voice Mail Messages, Printing Appointments, Pulling Charts for the Day, Review the Closing Procedures Checklist, Appointment Confirmation, Thank You Cards, Filing of Charts, Clinical Follow-up Log, Check in with Opening Shift Receptionist, Review Client files for Evening Shift, No Show Appointments, Check for Non-Confirmed Appointments, Client Payment Plans, Checked-In Appointments, General Register Reports, Match Receipts on Transaction Log, Fixing Errors in Transactions, Finalizing the Close for the Day, File Client Charts, Cleaning, Working with Client Charts

·         Front Desk Operations Manual in MS Word on CD

·         Opening & Closing Checklists in MS Word on CD

·         Client Profile and Chart Forms in MS Word on CD

·         Course Workbook with Forms and Presentation

Medspa Front Desk Operations 3 DVD Set
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